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rahvii reviews Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X (PSP)

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rahvii said...

To tell you the truth I wasn't expecting much of this game until I played. Let's get the bad stuff out first, English dubbing is bad, but not to the point of being horrible, could be much worse and most of you who have heard lots of low budget voice action across the 32 bit era know what i'm talking about. The other thing that bothers me a little is that the games is not as fast as the original.

That being said I must say that in everything else this games is very good, this is not a remake, but more akin to a remade of the original. The maverick's stages try to mimic the original ones, but the Sigma's stages are redesigned, so this is not Mega Man X for the PSP but a different game, but in any case not THAT different.

If you like fast passed side scrolling action games this one game play is perfect and preserves the simplicity of the Mega mans before they started giving strange quest based missions and stuff. Action games is not about going around doing quests!. Mega Man X premise is the same as the original Mega Man series, choose a robot stage, survive the way to the boss and kill it, via skills alone or figuring out their weakness. Then after they are all down you go to the hard stuff in a series of stages that lead to the final boss. I always loved what Mega Man X series tried to do by experimenting with optional power-ups that are not exactly weapon based, but in armor fashion which gives static upgrades to your character and change his appearance to a way cooler look.

The music haves new mixes of the classic song, well done again. They won't replace the original SNES chip tune, but they never really try, they just feel great with the game's new look in 3D.

The game also features a whole different game play remix when you play it as Vile. At first I wasn't expecting much but is really fun, the ending is a little bitter but ok, which brings me to the story. Mega Man X haves a decent history compared to the classic series, not superb at all but more that enough to make an environment and theme for the game. This new version also features a whole new Anime chapter that serves as a prequel to the events of the game, and it's not as cheap as you might think, it actually features very decent animation and history.

I would definitely recommend this game to any Mega Man fan, and sidescroller action fans. It would be very cool that Capcom did the same for the other 2 SNES games, but I guess this won't happen.

Game Traits applied to Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X (PSP) by rahvii

  • The Setting:
    Mega man X
  • Playing As:
    Mega Man X
  • Playing Against:
  • How it's Played:
    side scroller
  • General Tone:
    nostalgic, Hyper Action
Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X

Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X (PSP)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Platform Shooter
Release Date: 31/JAN/06
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